Live, Retire, Invest, Travel In Guayaquil, Ecuador

“Kathleen, with all the talk of Ecuador and all the reports I have read, I have never seen the city of Guayaquil mentioned. It would seem based on map location to be an almost ideal climate compromise between the somewhat chilly Cuenca and the humid beach life in Salinas.

“I’d like to see some comments on it in some of the Ecuador articles.”

–Don V., United States

Guayaquil is in a convenient location if you’re interested in coastal living, because it has an international airport. You can fly to Guayaquil and take off from there for the beach. Perhaps the biggest advantage of Guayaquil, though, is its sea-level elevation. Cuenca sits at nearly 8,000 feet, and Quito is nearly 10,000 feet above sea level. The altitude can be a problem for some folks.

On the other hand, historically, Guayaquil has been an unappealing industrial town that was dirty and unsafe. This has become less true in recent years, as parts of the city have been revitalized to include international-standard restaurants and shopping. Still, Guayaquil isn’t a top lifestyle choice. Remember, it’s not on the ocean but on a river and is mostly muddy and flat.

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