Living And Investing Options In Belize, Ecuador, Panama, And The Dominican Republic

“Kathleen, we became enchanted with Belize through your publications and Simon Letter. Since we have bought three properties in that country, you are now promoting the Dominican Republic and Panama. The first recommendation we read from you was for Ecuador, and we went there. Complete and total disaster. Not for us.

“Do you now feel we should sell our lots on Ambergris Caye and in southern Belize? We really have no desire to revert to Spanish as we age because we are English-speaking. What has happened to Belize to take it off your radar screen?

“Would really appreciate a response.”

–Frank J., United States

No, no… please don’t misunderstand. Belize isn’t off our radar screen. We remain big fans of all this little country has to offer and continue to report on it regularly.

We love any chance to spend time in Belize and are invested in the country for the long term. However, we understand that Belize isn’t for everyone. No place is. That’s why we cover many destinations… in an effort to offer great options for different agendas.

The world is full of opportunity, including in Belize, but also in Panama, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Colombia, Portugal, France, Malaysia, Thailand, and beyond.

We’re doing our best to cover as much of the world’s best as we can. Meantime, if you’ve found the place that suits you, congratulations. Don’t second-guess your choice. Enjoy it!

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