Living And Retiring In Mazatlan, Mexico

“Kathleen, at last, some good news about Mexico! Thank you for your article on Mexico and Mazatlan.

“It is very nice to read some reporting by someone who knows what’s going on in Mexico.

“I have lived in Acapulco for 26 years and own I have welcomed skiers and golfers to Acapulco for all those years, and I’ve never had an issue on safety and never have I seen any of the cartel activity. Acapulco has the new Acapulco Diamante area and it’s new and clean with great beaches and a WTA Pro Tennis event and a pro surfing event each year. There is also the new La Isla Shopping Center and the new Mundo Imperial Performing Arts Center and Hotel and the new Mundo Imperial Convention Center just a mile from the airport and less than a mile from the ocean.

“A five-star vacation can still be had in Acapulco, and it’s time that the rest of the world knows this…”

–Gordon R., Mexico


“Hola amiga. I have been living in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, for four years, having retired early.

“This is a very different place from the northeast United States, near Philadelphia, where I worked in a toxicology laboratory for 30 years.

“The people here are not as wealthy as their neighbors to the north, but they seem to me to be happier and more contented in life than the average family in the States. More laughter, more tightly knit families, and less arguing, at least in public.

“Mexicans also seem to have far more patience than the Americans I know.

“There are many positives for an American considering retiring in Mexico. Being close to the United States means you can get satellite radio. Sirius-XM has more than 100 channels, a big plus if you like a variety of news, music, and sports. I follow the Philadelphia Eagles football team and can listen to live broadcasts of each game.

“Finally, living in Mazatlan is less expensive than living in the United States. Sinaloa is a big agricultural state, and cheap local fruits, vegetables, and other items are readily available in the markets.”

–Dave E., Mexico

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