Living In Waterford City Versus County Kilkenny Or Galway…

“Kathleen, in a recent letter you made a comment on your time living in Waterford City, Eire, saying that you realized that your family did not want to live there but in the countryside.

“I am considering when I move back to Europe (hopefully within the next six to eight months) and am thinking of living in Waterford. Was your comment made solely because you wanted the wide open spaces of the countryside or was there a specific dislike of Waterford itself?

“I should be grateful for your honest reply.”

–Patricia G., United States

Waterford is a small, working-class town with limited amenities, distractions…and, as well, if I’m honest, limited charm. We found life in County Waterford, on the other hand, where we lived for seven years, to be everything we hoped for. So, yes, a big part of our choice was city versus Irish country living.

That said, if we were to return to Ireland now, as we consider doing, we wouldn’t base ourselves in Waterford at all but in County Kilkenny or Galway.

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