Living, Investing, And Retiring In Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

“Kathleen, I have enjoyed reading your articles (Huffington Post, U.S. News, and your website). I have some firsthand experience that I would like to share and with no personal gain on my behalf!

“My spouse and I are from Vancouver, Canada. We have traveled extensively in an effort to find the place that felt right for our retirement. For 10 consecutive years we spent the winters, 5 to 6 months, in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. I guess that could be considered as being a snowbird.

“We have also spent a considerable amount of time in Ecuador, Panama, and Asia. But as we get older (only 60 at the moment) it has become more important to have the amenities and health care services we have been accustomed to in Canada. So we decided that we would retire full time to Mexico and chose Playa del Carmen as our home. We have our Mexican permanent resident status.

“We sold our home in Canada and purchased a home in Playa. We have been here a year, and, although the summer months are humid, we are very happy with our decision.

“The purpose of my email is that should you be looking for a place in Mexico to write about retirement or even snowbird lifestyle please consider Playa del Carmen. It has something for everyone, it can be busy with tourists at times, but if one wishes for tranquility it can be found nearby. There are several good grocery stores, also Sam’s Club, Home Depot, and numerous design and furniture stores. There are bilingual doctors, dentists, chiropractors, several clinics, and two major hospitals, one in Playa and one in nearby Cancun.

“The Cancun International Airport is only 45 minutes from Playa with several reliable and inexpensive options to get there.

“Anyhow, I thought your readers might enjoy learning about this area as a possible retirement option. And compared to Puerto Vallarta with its steep hills, Playa is flat as a pancake and very pedestrian friendly. It’s not a big city like Panama. We do not have a vehicle and can walk to numerous restaurants, bars, grocery stores, banks, shops, etc., plus taxis and local buses are very inexpensive.”

–Cheryl L., Mexico

Thanks for taking time to write in to share your story.

The timing is great, as we’ve been scouting the Yucatán coast of Mexico recently, specifically Playa del Carmen. Our editor’s report, which is an enthusiastic endorsement of this area, is featured in the current issue of our Global Property Advisor.

In addition, we’re planning our Live and Invest in Mexico Conference for September this year. This event, which will be based at Bahia Principe in Tulum, will showcase the best of Mexico’s Caribbean coast, from Cancún to Playa del Carmen, Tulum, the Costa Maya, and beyond.

We aren’t ready to take registrations for this conference yet, but you can register your interest and get your name on the hot list for a chance to attend as a VIP here.

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