Living, Retiring, And Investing In Medellin, Colombia


“Kathleen, recently we talked to Rich Holman about your May conference here in Medellín. He said you would be having a panel of expats share with others their experiences. My husband and I would be interested in sharing.

“We were there, and now we are here! We were there at your very first Live and Invest in Medellín, back in January 2012. We took everything you taught us to heart. We invested in not one but two apartments. We set up a corporation, opened a bank account, transferred our money through the correct channels you showed us into Colombia. We opened a bank account in Belize, invested in investment opportunities you shared at your conference. We got our visas and our cedulas. We did a lot of planning before we finally pulled the trigger last December and retired. We are finally here, living the dream in Medellin.

“Thanks for all your wonderful help in making this possible for us! And please let us know about the conference!”

–Patricia T., Colombia

Wow, what an impressive story. Congratulations. I’m delighted to hear things are working out so well for you. And, yes, indeed, we’d love for you to participate as expat speaker at our next Live and Invest in Colombia Conference, taking place in Medellín May 11–13. I very much look forward to seeing you there.

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