Living The Good Life In Coronado

“We attended one of your conferences three years ago about Panama…

and I’m very happy to tell you we followed your advice and have been living in Coronado, Panama, for over two years now. We are very happy living here even with the pitfalls of the Panamanian system. It has been an adventure and a thrill to live in a beautiful foreign country and enjoy the life we worked so hard to attain. Thank you for all your advice and information.”

Paul and Sandi M., Panama

“Kathleen, regarding the inquiry about short-term rentals under $1,000, except in summer you could definitely get a short-term rental for US$800 on the southern coast of Spain and most likely Portugal, as well. Vacation rentals that go for top dollar in the summer are deeply discounted for off-season monthly rentals. You might need to ask the owner about lower rates for long-term rental if they don’t mention it in the advert.”

–Linda, United States

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