Living, Working, And Buying Real Estate In Italy

“Kathleen, I love your e-letter. It’s the epitome of cool.”

–Mel C., United States


“Kathleen, some time ago I registered with your newsletter mostly out of curiosity with the aim of investigating where U.S. citizens invest.

“I see that Italy isn’t at top of the list, justly so, considering distance and limitations for U.S. citizens in obtaining a stay permit. But once these problems have been overcome then really this country is top for food, quality of life, culture, nature, and believe it or not health care.

“I live just 30 kilometers north of Rome in Anguillara Sabazia on Lake Bracciano. There’s a regular commuter train that connects us to the center of Rome (Rome-Viterbo and vice versa). From Anguillara I can be at St. Peters in just 30 minutes. Personally I live in the countryside, 7 kilometers from the lake and just 18 kilometers from the nearest beach (Passoscuro).

“Prices in real estate differ tremendously along the route of this commuter train, and there are many ex-farmhouses waiting to be restored to their former glory.

“Another very positive thing about investing here is that you can turn up to three rooms of the house you occupy into a bed-and-breakfast without much paperwork. Furthermore Italians are always looking for English-language mother-tongue teachers, so there’s another opportunity to increment your income. Last but not least, you can always rent out.”

–Gabriella P., Italy

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