Los Islotes On The Azuero’s Peninsula

“Kathleen, I just noticed your recent post on Los Islotes, in which you say: ‘Infrastructure work has begun at Los Islotes, the premier and full-amenity master-planned community on the east coast of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula.

“It’s a little confusing. I for one do not care for the east coast of the Azuero. However, I frequently send friends to the west coast to see how lush and beautiful it is. In fact I sent friends from Oregon there last week and had told them all about Los Islotes. They fell in love with it. A lot of people have never been to the west coast, only to the east coast, and have told me they did not care for it much.

“Your news clip says Los Islotes is on the east coast. That could certainly turn a lot of people off, and they would never even attempt to go and see Los Islotes. Possibly you could edit your clip to reference the west coast, which could generate much more interest.”

–Dave F., Panama

Ah! You are right, of course. What a mistake for me to make. Please don’t tell Lief!

Thank you first for taking time to write in and thank you second for recommending Los Islotes to your friends. Your support is much appreciated.

We agree, by the way. The west coast of the Azuero Peninsula (where, yes, Los Islotes is located) is much more appealing than the east coast!

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