Mail, Internet, VPN, And ISP In Colombia

“Kathleen, my question is for Lee Harrison, who I met at your seminar in Nashville last year. Since then I spent the month of November in Panama and 10 days last month in Medellin and Guatape. I liked Guatape best and am making plans to return, by myself with my two cats, for at least three months starting April 16.

“I’m hoping for Lee’s recommendation for a mail delivery service out of Florida (or Iowa) as well as a recommendation for a VPN or ISP service that will work for me in Colombia.

“Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other in Medellin one day.

“Many thanks in advance.”

–Nancy W., United States

Lee Harrison, currently living in Medellin, replies:

Believe it or not, for routine mail, I use the postal system. In the case of an important document (like a property deed), I use FedEx or DHL, but I don’t do that often.

I don’t use a VPN, and my ISP is UNE. They supply the Internet service as well as the wireless router, so you don’t need to bring one. Their service has been great so far (since 2011).

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