Making A Plan To Retire Overseas In 2015

“Hello and Happy New Year to you all. I wanted to take the time to thank you for what you do to make people aware of the possibilities on the other side. I purchased both books written by Mrs. Kathleen because I knew I had a plan forming and the information she published would be valuable in the future toward my goals for living overseas or in another part of the Americas.

“I do not remember how I found you all, but I do thank you for the information you provide and the encouragement it gives to me. The one thing that rings out from it all for me is that there is hope to make it to the other side and retire somewhere that is great. As a Marine veteran I can honestly say, retirement is not an option because I will always be doing something, just in a retirement way.

“I wish you all well in 2015, and I shall continue in my quest to get myself some place, somewhere where the weather is just fine and napping is not a crime.”

–Earl H., United States

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