Marta N. Of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Wins Free Attendance At Live And Invest Overseas Conference

“Kathleen, I’ve read your essays for several years and have been to two LIO conferences (Panama and Belize), and even bought a lot at Carmelita Gardens in Cayo, largely based on info I gained at your Belize conference.

“But your recent article about your chance meeting with Brian and Nancy and the work they are doing to give back to the local community around Granada, Nicaragua, struck a chord with me more than anything else you’ve written. Why? Because I realized what I was reading was not to tell me what could be in it for me by choosing to live in Nicaragua but to identify real needs that I could help address. I see it as win-win. The locals get a health, economic, and educational boost, and the visitor-expat contributors can live with a sense of belonging in a grateful community.

“I had already signed up to join you at the LIO conference in Managua, but now I’m even more excited to attend to learn more about helping the local communities. I sincerely hope you can convince Brian and Nancy to join us at the conference.”

–Bill S., United States

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