Medellin Too Unsafe For Foreign Retirees?

“Kathleen, I have been a longtime reader of your Live and Invest newsletter. In fact it is the reason I began searching for an overseas destination to purchase a retirement home.

“I have been reading your articles touting Medellin as the next hot spot to retire and thought, what the heck, I should forget my preconceived notions and give it a chance. Well I just read some crime stats on Wikipedia, post-Pablo Escobar. This city still sounds like trouble to me.

“How can you recommend a city like this to probably the most vulnerable of citizens, the aged retiree? This is unconscionable. Street gangs, high murder rates, gang wars, not to mention the petty crimes that go hand and hand with most Central and South American cities…who wants to be dealing with that when they are old and frail?

“I think you are selling a dream that will soon turn into a nightmare for most retirees.

“I don’t expect you to reply or for this comment to be posted, but I just thought I would voice my opinion.”

–Gary M., United States

You deserve a lot of credit for setting aside your preconceived ideas about Medellin and trying to take an open-minded look at what this city has to offer. I’d encourage you not to let Wikipedia derail that effort.

I haven’t read what Wikipedia has to say on the subject, but I can tell you about Medellin based on my personal experience spending time in this city with my family over the past five years. Medellin is one of the most pleasant places in the world—pretty and clean with parks and gardens, museums and galleries, restaurants and cafes, and a well-mannered, well-dressed, welcoming population.

Maybe Wikipedia should get on a plane and go have a look for itself.

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