Medical And Dental Care In The Dominican Republic

“Kathleen, you are right-on about every point in your recent letter on Las Terrenas. Let me expand on one point.

“Many people concentrate on the beaches and the nightlife of a place for their second home. Not many even think of their dental needs while there. I was one of them. I bought two small condos in LT a block from the beach and spent an in initial eight weeks there in February/March this year. I had a broken tooth that had been bothering me, but I thought I would have to suffer with it until got home.

“Talking to another expat (French) who lives in my complex, I found out there was a great dentist at the new International Clinic that opened last year. Both myself and my tenant (Canadian) in my other condo went to see this dentist, me to get my tooth removed and she to investigate getting a bridge.

“We both had great experiences. Not only did the dentist remove my bad tooth, I also ended up opting for a new bridge. In my Texas hometown, two caps and a floating bridge were quoted at over US$3,000. Getting the job done in Las Terrenas, in a modern facility, cost US$987 (including the extraction) and was accomplished in less than a week!

“Now, I can add a competent dentist to my list of local experts acquired during our condo rehab (which also includes a carpenter, electrician, plumber, painter, granite fabricator, etc.)…”

–Lynda H., Dominican Republic

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