Medicare For The Retiree Overseas

“Kathleen, great information, and thanks for all you bring to readers. I already have bought a ‘retreat’ in Puglia, Italy, some seven years ago, when you first brought me the courage to get a dream place. I’m so pleased, and it’s a little income-maker when I’m not there. Now, moneywise, I’m thinking of either Ecuador or Chile next, because of the growing numbers of expats from the United States in both those countries.”

–Greg L., United States


“Kathleen, first, I have been a longtime follower of you work, since long before you launched you own business, and I thoroughly enjoy your insights and personal writing style. Keep up the good work.

“Your reply to Terry R.’s question on Medicare was slightly off-the-mark. True, Medicare is tied to Social Security, and Medicare Part B premiums are deducted from Social Security’s monthly premiums. When I moved to China, knowing that Medicare coverage is limited to U.S. borders, I cancelled my Medicare Part B, using a downloadable, online form. The premiums were canceled, saving me about US$98/month with no adverse effect on my Social Security payments. It doesn’t matter whether one cancels Medicare Part A, as no cost is involved.”

–Jim S., China


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