Minimum Monthly Income Requirements For Pensionado Visas

Minimum Monthly Income Requirements In Colombia And Ecuador

“Kathleen, you mentioned in an article recently that in order to receive a pensionado visa for Colombia the minimum income amount is US$1,000 per year and for Ecuador US$800 per year.

“I think you made a mistake there. These amounts should be per month, not per year.”

–Paul E., Canada

Indeed. I made a mistake. These minimum income requirements are per month, as you suggest…not per year. Thank you for keeping me straight.

Also note that the amount for Colombia is not fixed but a multiple of the minimum wage (the current requirement is three times the monthly minimum wage). Also note that this amount is not fixed in dollars but in Colombian pesos, meaning the dollar requirement fluctuates month to month.


“Kathleen, I thoroughly enjoyed Lee Harrison’s comparison of Medellin and Cuenca, as I did your comparison of Medellin and Panama City. These comparison essays are invaluable.

“How would Granada stack up against Cuenca, or, taking it further, how would Nicaragua compare to Ecuador? Both are colonial cities (Cuenca being larger than Granada), and both countries enjoy a low cost of living…that much I know.

“Another point both have in common is that Ecuador and Nicaragua pensionado visas do not place a cap age restriction on dependents, while Panama, Colombia, Belize, and a number of other countries do…which makes it harder for extended families to pack up and relocate on a single inexpensive visa package deal, which is what we are considering.”

–Janet L., United States

Thanks for the feedback, which is appreciated.

We have compared Cuenca and Granada here.

And we’re working on many more comparative essays. We agree that this is the most effective approach when trying to determine where in the world might be the best place for you to reinvent and relaunch your life. Watch this space.

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