Minimum Required Budget For Retiring To Belize

“Kathleen, it is really nice to read about all the fantastic places you tell us about. But is there any possibility to find out about cheaper ways to live and get a permanent residency in some places?

Belize, for example, is no good for retirees whose Social Security is US$1,200/month. In my case, that is the only income. So I’m afraid we are stuck. Belize won’t give us a residency visa being so poor!

“Any advice?”

–Marketta M., United States

In fact, you could move to Belize with only US$1,200 a month in income. This amount wouldn’t qualify you for the QRP program (for this, you need a minimum income of US$2,000 per month), but that is not the only option for retiring full-time to this country.

Your alternative, very realistic on the budget you have, would be to go to Belize as a tourist, then, once in the country, apply for a regular residency permit. This would mean living in the country for a year and renewing your permit monthly. In fact, this route is more straightforward than the QRP route; it just doesn’t provide for the import duty and other tax exemptions.

On a budget of US$1,200 a month, you could live comfortably in the Cayo District, but probably not on Ambergris Caye.

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