MLS In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

“Kathleen, you mentioned that there is an MLS in Puerto Vallarta. Any chance if getting the contact details?”

–Harry H., United States

While there’s no such thing as a Multiple Listing Service in much of the world, in Puerto Vallarta, there are two. Take a look here.


“Kathleen, if Obama wins re-election, I’m thinking of cashing out my 401K/retirement accounts and paying the taxes. I’m 60. I would then take the money out of the United States entirely.

“In Cuba, one day, we woke up to find out that the currency, the actual bills, had changed overnight. You could go the next day to the bank and trade your old bills up for the ‘new bills,’ but only up to US$10,000. The rest was forfeit!

“That was the quick way to ‘make everybody more equal’!”

–Walter V., United States

Remember that you can roll over your 401K into an IRA and set up an IRA structure to invest the IRA monies outside the United States. That way you could move the assets offshore but retain the tax deferral until you actually withdraw the funds.

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