Morbihan And Other Small Town Retirement Options In France

“Kathleen, good points about Morbihan! Actually, there are hundreds or even thousands of great little towns and villages in France, whether one prefers mountains, seacoast, rivers, woods, or pastureland. For example, I prefer the ‘trinity’ (wine/cheese/baguette) over the Breton crepes/beer.”

–Zoe W., United States


“Kathleen, can I buy property in Belize and still retain my citizenship with the United States and draw all my benefits from my retirement?

“This will allow me to own property in my homeland and return to the United States frequently.”

–Cecil S., United States

Yes. Living, retiring, investing, and owning real estate in another country in no way affect your status as a U.S. citizen.

The only way to stop being a U.S. citizen is to renounce that status formally. You can’t do it by accident.

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