Most Accessible Places To Retire Overseas

“Kathleen, somehow I dropped the ball. I’ve stopped receiving your e-letters. Send me whatever I need to re-up. Love your work. And will soon be making my move, probably to Cuenca or maybe Boquete.

“One little prompt: When you print some person’s commentary and just use their first name and only an initial for the last name, the effect is that perhaps Charles K., for example, is not a real person. As a longtime reader and fan, if you wish to print this, I absolutely want you to use my full name.

“Looking forward to being back on-board. And hopefully have the pleasure of saying hello personally in the near future.”

–Bill McMordie, United States


“Kathleen, my wife can’t go on a plane because of her bad lungs. We are very interested in moving to another country and had registered for your Belize trip, but we had to cancel because of my wife’s health problem. Is there anywhere, say, in Caribbean where we can get to easier?”

–Gerald K., United States

You could drive to Mexico…or even farther south if you were up for it.

And you could get to the Bahamas, Bermuda, and elsewhere in the Caribbean by boat from Florida.

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