Motivations For Relocating Overseas

“Kathleen, I have been reading the newsletter for quite some time, and, the more I read, the more I am inclined to actually make a move away from the United States. Perhaps it’s your funky sunglasses, or maybe it’s that you’ve been coming up with very logical reasons as to why a guy like me should think seriously about moving.

“I am focusing on Panama. With my 35+ years in IT, of which 25+ years have been in Technical Project Management, Panama would be one place where I could land short term contracts. I intend to continue working wherever I move. Not doing so would be anathema to me.

“One of these days I will jump on a plane and check the place out. Thank you, Kathleen, for keeping up this positive pressure on me and others like me. It’s working.”

–Nosh M., United States

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