Move Overseas So That Politics Back Home Don’t Matter

“Kathleen, I find it interesting that people considering moving overseas are worried about having too many ‘R’s(or ‘D’s) as neighbors. I’ve got a newsflash for them. Unless they move to a few of the gringo enclaves in Mexico, Costa Rica, or Panama, most of their neighbors in a foreign country are going to be ‘foreigners,’ duh. Horror of horrors, they may not even speak English, let alone be ‘R’s or ‘D’s.

“As you’ve said in these pages before, once you are overseas, politics back home will probably fade in importance anyway since things like ObamaCare don’t affect you in the least.

“I know you’ve also said that moving overseas requires an open mind, flexibility, and a willingness to go with the flow, so I think anyone who is so narrow-minded that they are only willing to associate with one or the other of a certain political party will probably be running for home with their tail between their legs after a few months, because everyone and everything around them will be very different… Different language, customs, driving regulations, laws, banking practices, tolerance for petty theft, amount of time spent waiting in line, etc.

“And, after all, most Americans will have much more in common with another American who speaks English (no matter what their political persuasion) than they will with most of their other neighbors.”

–Tim M., United States

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