Moving From Boquete

“I was delighted to see my letter-to-the-editor published yesterday on our new home in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. However, I have a correction to make. The letter indicated that we rent our new beach house for US$425 to US$600 per month. In fact, it’s US$425 to US$600 per week!”

— Susan M., United States

Our mistake, Susan. Thanks for setting us straight.

Great beach, by the way:


“I have been searching for a great place to live for the last five years, since I retired from teaching. I’ve spent the last three winters in Boquete, Panama, which is beautiful, but I’m thinking of moving on. I find Boquete too windy, and I’m not happy with the quality of construction here (materials, workmanship).

“I love the Latin culture, though, and I have been researching Ecuador and Uruguay. I think they might suit me better. I was leaning toward Ecuador, but your article on Uruguay may have changed my mind. You made a good point about Ecuador being Third World…”

— James K.,  Boquete, Panama

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