My New Start In Panama

“Kathleen, I know you won’t remember who I am, but I wanted to thank you. I am now living in David, Panama, after moving here last October. For years I have followed you, bought your products, and also went to a Retire Overseas presentation you offered in Orlando almost two years ago.

“Without the knowledge you gave me, the insights, the power of options, I would not be here today. Everyone around me thought I was crazy for thinking about moving out of the United States. You were and still are the positive power for me and many other people.

“I love living in David. Most I know move to Boquete in this area. For my husband and myself, Boquete was way too cold and windy—not what I thought of as tropical. We love David, and, while there are not as many expats here, we have found new friends among the Panamanians as well as some gringos. We live in a safe, nice, friendly neighborhood. We have good healthcare, variety of restaurants, and shopping. And as you say, our monthly costs are a fraction of what we paid in the States.

“I would not say the journey to get through all of the move and paperwork was easy or fun. It took tons of patience and finding reliable people to help.

But if I had to do it all again today, I would not hesitate. Next week we are proudly getting our Panama cedulas. We don’t plan on going anywhere else. This is now home.”

–Nanette W., Panama

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