New Argentine President Mauricio Macri Takes Office

“Kathleen, the quality of these events your group puts on is wonderful, and your staff’s coordination and dedication to keeping all run smoothly is very much recognized and appreciated. Thank you.

“Please register myself and a guest for the upcoming April 2016 Medellín conference. I am an All Access Pass Member and look forward to seeing you in Belize in January and then in Medellín in April.”

–Suzanne G., United States


“Kathleen, I’m coming to Medellín at the end of December and will stay for a few weeks seriously considering it as my new retirement home. I was there about seven years ago so I’m a little familiar and I know I love the city. I would be very interested in seeing real estate options you’ve mentioned.

“I’ve been in the import business for over 25 years manufacturing in China, and I know the trade regulations in Colombia have changed for the good. I need connections in Medellín.

“I like your work.”

–Bill L., United States

The best, easiest, and most cost-efficient way to see the best real estate options in Medellín and elsewhere in Colombia and to explore business and entrepreneurial opportunities in this city and this country would be to join my in-country team for our upcoming Live and Invest in Colombia Conference.

Details are here.

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