New Ferry Service From The United States To The Yucatan Peninsula

“Kathleen, I want you to know that I respect the breadth and depth of information you and your team have amassed and the tremendous effort that must be required to always be relevant. I also appreciate your vision that is seemingly free from the xenophobia one often encounters in the USA. I applaud your endeavor to facilitate global living.

“Wishing you joy and success wherever your road takes you.”

–Marilyn M., United States (dreaming of Panama)


“Kathleen, can you get to Belize on a motorcycle? I prefer that to a car. Do you think I would have problems? Just in the exploration stage right now…”

–Mark G., United States

You can drive from the United States through Mexico to Belize by car or motorcycle, but our contacts in the country generally recommend against it. Over the years, we’ve heard about people who’ve made this trip, but you run a risk. There are safety concerns.

One planned future alternative to driving to Belize from Texas will be a ferry from Florida to the Yucatán Peninsula. The relaunch of a ferry service has been in the works for several years. The current projected operational date is mid-2016. Learn more at


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