New International Airport In Panama

”Kathleen, I heard a rumor of an international airport to be built in Penonome, Panama. Have you heard anything about this?”

— Steven W., United States

Not a rumor! We have been following this story closely, as the ultimate decision for where to build Panama’s new international airport could have big implications for a current family project.

The government is right now carrying out an impact study to decide where to put the country’s second international airport (currently, the only one in the country is in Panama City). Under consideration are Penonome (about 2 hours from Panama City), Aguadulce (about 2.5 hours from Panama City) and Divisa (about 2.75 to 3 hours from Panama City). The choice is to be made and announced before year-end.

As I’ve reported in these dispatches, Lief Simon (my husband) and partners are developing a piece of beachfront land on Panama’s Pacific Coast. This new airport, no matter where it’s ultimately built, will drastically improve access to the west coast of the Azuero Peninsula…and, therefore, Lief’s Los Islotes.