New Irish Property Taxes

“Kathleen, by an extraordinary piece of chance we bid on your former Waterford property, Lahardan House, last month. However, this is not why I am writing.

Ireland now has not one but two property taxes, averaging about 150 euro each annually for a 250,000 euro property, and we will have a ‘water charge’ due in next year. So your Irish retirees can bank on around 500 euro per annum government taxes on a property up to 250,000 euro in value.

“Another piece of information your readers might like to known is that Irish property sales had the busiest year since 2008 last year, turning 1% of all housing stock. The UK turned 4%, and they are well out of recession.

“January and February have seen the market buzz with activity with a large proportion of our ‘manor house’ and bank sales being snapped up by UK buyers who have a sterling to euro advantage just now.


–Sheila F., Ireland

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