New IRS Affordable Care Act Form For Americans Residing Overseas

“Dear Live and Invest Overseas, we have finally made it to Panama! Permanently! We got here Jan. 13 with our four cats. Seems we had to work harder to get them here than to get us here.

“We have rented an apartment in El Valle de Anton. It is small to American standards but fits us fine for the time being. It is a two-bedroom and one-bath with a large covered balcony. We call it the ‘treehouse.’ It’s a second-story apartment and is surrounded with trees and beautiful views of the mountains.

“None of this would have happened without LIO staff. You all have been wonderful! The info and contacts we got from the conference we attended were invaluable.

“Please tell everyone hello for us and thanks from the bottom of our hearts. When we get our car into the country, which we’re working on, we plan to come in person to thank you all again.”

–Bob and Bonnie D., Panama


“Kathleen, FYI, your readers should know that there’s a new IRS tax form (8965) in regards to the Affordable Care Act.

“Expats who qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion are exempt but need to claim it (code ‘C’). Here’s the link.

“Part-timers or people who don’t have legal residency will need to fill out the form. Here’s the link.”

–Harry Y., United States

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