New “Retirement Planning Guide” From Paul Terhorst Free For Overseas Retirement Letter Subscribers

“Kathleen, I just wanted to send a note to thank you for the ‘Retirement Planning Guide’ from Paul Terhorst that you sent to us recently. I personally think Paul is a major contributor to Live and Invest Overseas for anyone over the age of 50. His thoughts about money and finances are intelligent and well thought out. His comments about how he travels and how he gets to know an area are very insightful. He and his wife are intrepid travelers and have a keen insight, which is represented in his column. I look forward to sitting down with this 50-page gift, anticipating that I will have much food for thought.”

–Ellen P., United States

On behalf of Paul Terhorst, thank you for your feedback. We hope that you do, indeed, enjoy Paul’s new report.

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“Kathleen, we live in Puerto Vallarta. For the last 13 years, we have seen prices go up, of course, but now is a good time to buy. I see more and more coming, not leaving. It is more expensive to live in PV than in other Mexican communities, but the expats are well established here. There are 100,000 would be my guess, in PV and the surrounding areas.

“I recommend Puerto Vallarta because it has excellent medical and an organized health group and newsletter and seminars, cultural events, continuing education in all fields, exercise, and a lot of socializing and parties. It is a little less expensive to live here than in the States. However, the taxes and utilities are about 50% less.”

–Hunter S., Mexico


“Kathleen, after visiting the beautiful property you and Lief are developing at Los Islotes on the western coast of the Azuero Peninsula, it took us about all of five minutes to know that we wanted to call that area home! We will be watching you build your first home there with great anticipation!

“One thought that keeps burning through my cerebral cortex is that for Torio to take off as Pedasi has done over on the other side of this Azuero Peninsula we need to get more services in the immediate area. One of the first ones should be a bakery/coffee shop. I know you will have lots of adventurous types attending the Live and Invest Overseas Conference in Panama City this month. If anyone thinks they’d like to have a lucrative business when they move out to Los Islotes they should consider a coffee house. They’ll certainly have a captive audience (24 Canadian families living slightly inland of Los Islotes right now plus many American expats we’ve met in the immediate area)! A proprietor could charge Starbucks prices no problem! We transplants would kiss him or her while paying them.

“Wishing you good luck and fertile fodder for your letter whilst building!”

–Jan B., Panama 

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