New So-Called “Transportation Bill”

“Kathleen, in a recent e-letter from Lief, he talked about the new so-called ‘transportation’ bill. I’m wondering what bill number is? Lief encouraged us to contact our congressmen to formally protest the new legislation. Knowing the bill number would enable us to be more specific when we call the numbers he provided.”

–Ron R., United States

We apologize. We should have included the bill numbers in the dispatch. Lief wrote it while traveling over the weekend, and we didn’t realize the omission until the e-mail had already been broadcast.

Lief was referring to Section 40304 of Senate Bill 1813 and House Bill 4348.

I’ve noticed (also too late) other typos and errors recently. Again, a symptom of our recent schedules (and perhaps one or two too many cocktails at last week’s conference receptions in Scottsdale). Again, our apologies.

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