Why Cuenca Is The World’s Best Place To Retire On A Budget Video

“Kathleen, thanks so much for your email on Cuenca and your wonderful short video!

“What a great idea to include a short film clip of Cuenca. I’ve been sort of sitting on the fence, having recently retired, and south Florida (Coconut Creek) is fast becoming too expensive to live on my Social Security and a modest post 2008–09 recession that fragmented my 401K and IRAs. I would really like to see more video highlights featuring destinations in Ecuador, Panama, etc., and other great expat locations to consider.

“I really would like to narrow my search further as I work part time and cannot afford to go off willy-nilly on several informational junkets. I must be able to narrow it down to a couple before moving forward. Your Cuenca video was a good start.”

–Craig K., United States

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