No Room For Polarizing Discourse Here

“Kathleen, just another two cents worth about your supposedly ‘polarizing’ discourse.

“I have been reading your publications for about 20 years and find you to be, usually, balanced and fair in your assessments.

“The ones who need to be less ‘polarizing’ are your readers who refer to people with whom they disagree as ‘right wing crazies.’

“But, after all, that is the situation in the United States now (I have lived in two other countries, by the way, so my ‘world view’ is not formed only by the U.S. and the current situation there).

“Thanks for your work!”

–Jon B., United States

“Kathleen, fantastic e-letter and I hope to make a move some day using the information you have provided. But political polarizing comments serve no purpose. Be they right wing or left wing, they detract from your mission and they will not change the mind of someone who believes otherwise. They just irritate. Ignore them. Just more of your compelling living and investment facts and information, please!”

–Ed H., United States

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