Recovering Property Market On The Coast Of Spain

“Kathleen, why don’t you tell your subscribers that the real estate market in Spain you wrote about recently has since crashed and investments there have lost more than half or more?!

“Please inform correctly and completely.”

–Henry D., United States

The e-letter you’re referring to tells the story of Lief’s and my first international real estate investment more than 16 years ago. As you suggest, I reference the property market in Spain at that time, when we bought and sold at a profit well before the crash.

As you say and as we’ve reported, the Spanish real estate market (along with many others around the world) bubbled up and then crashed in 2008. Today, six years later, certain areas of Spain present interesting investment opportunity again…which is why Spain is one of the two-dozen markets we’ll be featuring during our Global Property Summit in April.

“Kathleen, if you did it on purpose I cannot imagine what you were thinking. I would be very surprised if you don’t get a lot of negative feedback on this change.

“I’ve just sat down to read my current issue of your Panama Letter.  I’m reading it on a lager screen PC, but if I was using an iPad or Kindle we would be having a different conversation about this change. It is very easy to set up your PDF reader to display two single pages across if that is what someone wants to do to read document in that format. The reverse is not possible. Please mark me down as a dissatisfied customer.

“Revert to your original formatting. Please.”

–John G., United States

We tried something new with this month’s bumper post-Carnaval Panama Letter issue. As we included photo spreads to show the color and glitz of Carnaval across Panama, we formatted the issue so that facing pages could be viewed together.

However, as you guessed, John, we’ve been inundated with emails from unhappy readers like you.

Our apologies. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Our designer has been informed, however, that, next month, it’s back to our usual formatting.

Our apologies!

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