Obtaining International Health Insurance After The Age of 64

“Kathleen, I have just purchased your book ‘How To Retire Overseas‘ and was disappointed to learn that because my husband is going to be 64 years old, my hope of retiring overseas most of the year and in the United States a few months a year is gone. We didn’t realize that, once he turns 64, he may not be insurable.

“Because there is so much written in your newsletters about retiring abroad, I mistakenly assumed that one would be of retirement age. It doesn’t seem to be the case. Please let me know if I am incorrect, as I would be very happy to be mistaken. I would so appreciate a reply.”

–Dottie D., United States

No, no, no, please don’t give up on your plan. Certainly not because of a concern over health insurance.

If you’re planning to retire overseas part-time, one option would be simply to buy a travel insurance policy for the time you are out of the United States and keep your U.S. coverage for when you are Stateside.

Or you could look at international health insurance policies. The age limit cut-off of 64 is for what I refer to as “local” health insurance policies, in the country where you retire. An international insurance agency such as Bupa International will cover you up to the day before your 74th birthday. A Bupa policy is more expensive than a local policy (though still cheaper than U.S. health insurance in almost all cases), but it will also provide better coverage, including coverage outside your country of residence.

Or you could just keep your U.S. coverage and self-insure for the time you out of the country, with the intent to return to the United States for any major or extended care.

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