Obtaining Residency And A Passport In Ireland

“Hi, Kathleen. I greatly enjoy your missives and thought that today I might be able to contribute something to the discussion.

“My wife is Chinese, and I am Irish. We moved back to Ireland in 2007 from the UK and have had to go through all of the immigration rigmarole that the readers who wrote in to you recently described. Even though on paper my spouse is more than entitled to work here and until 2006 would have been entitled to an automatic passport, we had to jump through numerous hoops in order to secure first residency and then a passport.

“Luckily our garda immigration officer in Killarney was very helpful, but this did not remove the necessity to go to the Department of Justice’s offices on Burgh Quay once a year to physically have the visa renewed.

“If the readers who wrote to you regarding their situation do not hear from the Justice department relatively soon, it might be worth considering going to Dublin to extend their visas. There is a great deal of information on this government website.

“The couple who wrote in are just the kind of people Ireland both wants and needs now. If we could only get bureaucrats to do their jobs we’d all be happy.”

–Eoin T., Ireland

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