Offshore Attorneys

One of our preferred offshore attorneys and long-time friend, Joel Nagel, with 30 years’ experience helping Americans take advantage of the best asset-protection strategies available to them, has put together a planning and consulting package that provides just the kind of big-picture perspective you want to adopt.

Joel calls it his Personal Asset Protection Plan (or PAPP). For each PAPP client, Joel sits down with you and helps you to create a comprehensive plan before you start doling out cash on structures or funding offshore bank accounts. It’s the most sensible approach, whether you’re new to the offshore world and have already dipped your toes in but haven’t fully figured out what you want or need to do.

Joel’s consulting fee for this service, which is the most effective and efficient I know, is very reasonable and can be applied to any work product (trust or corporation set-up fees) that follows from it if you decide to use him for the work.

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