Offshore Banking In Belize

“Kathleen, can you give me a sense of availability of American TV, specifically, sports channels and main network channels, in Panama? I am a college sports nut and although I feel very ready to make my move, I would like to minimize my withdrawals symptoms as much as possible!”

–Paul H., United States

Cable packages that include full access to pro sports are no problem. Sky TV has an NFL package that includes every game of the season. An NBA package is also available.

College sports are tougher. College games are only occasionally carried. However, they can always be found in the numerous sports books around the city.


“Kathleen, I am going through your 52 Days program. Currently I’m reading the lessons to do with banking.

“I am wondering if it makes sense to move all our currently banked cash to our new country (Belize). Is there a benefit to leaving some money in the States when we don’t have plans to live here and won’t have bills to pay in this country? We will be selling the house, cars, etc., and won’t have any possessions here.

“What are the downsides to taking it all with us?

“Also, will the United States let us remove all our money from U.S. banks and put it in Caye Bank in Belize or another off shore bank? Do they have any control over that?”

–Karen P., United States

I can think of no downside to moving all your money outside the United States, other than to do with diversification. However, that concern is addressed by moving all your money out of the States and to more than one other jurisdiction.

I wouldn’t move all my money to any one place, including not to my new country of residence.

In other words, if you are planning to move to Belize and want all your money out of the States (an understandable objective), perhaps move some money to Belize and some to another jurisdiction.

And, yes, you can move all your money out of the States without restriction right now. This is likely going to become more difficult to accomplish over the coming couple of years.