One American Couple’s Experience As Recent Retirees In Medellin, Colombia

“Aloha, Live and Invest Overseas. We wanted to give you an update on our new lives in Medellin. It’s been two months. In fact we celebrated yesterday as our two-month anniversary of our move.

“We have moved from our short-term rental from Airbnb to our long-term rental located in Poblado. We feel like we won the lottery. We have a super three-story apartment on the 26th floor with amazing views of the city. Day and night, we never tire of looking at the always-changing views.

“We are meeting wonderful people, some gringos, some paisas. Our Spanish is still weak but getting better with the help of our teacher. We are taking private lessons.

“Shopping has been fun and challenging. We are finding our favorite stores for certain items and found an organic fruit and veggie source that delivers to our home. We love it. Our goal was to live on US$2,000 per month. We are easily doing that and living very well.

“Some might say we are very young to make this move, we are 49 and 48, but we don’t know why people would wait. We wish we had discovered this earlier. Yes, we miss a few things from the States besides family and friends, but we will make new friends just as we did every time we’ve moved. Technology allows us to see and talk to family all that we want. As far as missing other features of the States, no big deal. You learn to adjust and use something else. It just is not the big deal that some people think it will be. Almost everything you want is here. You just have to look around and ask.

“And I love wearing shorts year-round. The weather here is nothing short of perfection.”

–Darren H., Colombia

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