Options For Health Insurance While Living Abroad

“Kathleen, we are looking into moving to Belize in the near future and will need health insurance. We know that you consider Bupa to be the gold standard, and we would like pricing information.”

–Linda K., United States

Retiring to another country, you have a fundamental choice to make to do with health insurance. You can opt to go naked (that is, without any insurance). Depending where you’re retiring, this can be a much less terrifying idea than it may seem. The cost of medical care is so affordable some places in the world that you’re better off paying for it out of pocket as you go rather than insuring against it.

Alternatively, you could opt for local health insurance (which is good only in the country where it’s purchased) or, as you suggest, an international policy. If you choose to go with an international policy, then, yes, we recommend Bupa International. You can request more information here.

These important questions to do with choosing the health insurance strategy that’s best for you are covered in comprehensive detail during this year’s Retire Overseas Conference.

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