Retiring To Portobelo, Las Tablas, And Panama City, Panama

“Kathleen, my wife and I are heading to Panama tonight! This trip is a dual purpose one: first, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary; second, we are looking at Panama as a potential place to establish residency as we fathom what retirement looks like for us.

“We will be visiting Portobelo, Las Tablas, and Panama City. We’re not doing the luxury tour. This is a ‘see it on the ground’ type of trip for two non-Spanish-speakers, no less. We want to see if this is a place that we could see ourselves spending months in, versus a week.

“I’m not sure if you do this, but we’d love to have the chance to meet with you when we are in town. Our itinerary has us coming into the city, making our way north to Portobelo, then south to Las Tablas and finally north again back to the city before departing back to Florida. So we’ll pass through the city at least twice before our last few nights there.

“I should have occasional access to email while there.

“Thanks for your letters!”

–Wilbur C., currently on the road in Panama

Wilbur, we’d welcome the chance to meet you while you’re in Panama. Our new offices are in the heart of downtown, in the banking district, in Marbella. Get in touch when you’re in the city, and we’ll give you directions.

Meantime, I hope you’re enjoying your trip and look forward to hearing more when you stop by.

Happy anniversary.

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