Overseas In 52 Days

“Kathleen, my husband and I have both retired, and we are looking to come to Panama to stay two to three weeks to check it out and hope to come by your office then.

“In the meantime, we are saving money and paying off bills, so we are not looking into doing anything until next year.

“We have a pension and Social Security coming in, so we are looking forward to continuing living our lives to the fullest.

“I will be joining and getting into your 52 Days program. I think this can help us find our place.

“Kathleen, the bottom line is that we have a good pension and Social Security check coming in, but we are learning now to save money and not live check to check, before we make our move.

“Thank you for giving us the information that we did not know existed for people like us. We never could have imagined this on our own.”

–Mary P., United States

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