Owning An Azuero Peninsula Hotel

“Kathleen, my husband and I are big fans of yours and Lief’s!

“We own our own architectural design, horticultural, and construction business, and times are still a little tough in Los Angeles for the middle middle class down to the working poor.

“But we are driven and adventurous (still, at 58 and 60).

“We have been following your news from Panama. We had planned to join the 2013 Panama conference but had a financial glitch so now we are aiming for San Antonio.

“My question has to do with the Azuero peninsula. My husband has to have, is intend on retiring to, warmer waters than Southern California where we currently reside. He is an old-style longboard surfer and wants a ‘Malibu-like right break’ though he surfs left, too. He surfs anything as long as it isn’t too short and too fast!

“We have been dreaming of owning a green, self-sufficient B&B with enough land for raising our own food and animals.

“Is it too late to think about launching a business like this in Azuero? Is the area over-saturated?”

–Melissa & Barry M., United States

No, not at all. This part of Panama remains under-developed, emerging, and, as a result, oozing potential.

Remember that Azuero is a peninsula…with two coasts. The eastern coast is more developed than the western-facing one. The western Azuero coast, especially, is ideally suited right now to the kind of project you’re describing.

This is also the part of Panama where we decided to focus our own efforts and energies long term.

Great surfing along this coast, too!

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