Panama City Infrastructure

Young Jackson missed his school bus this morning, meaning Lief and I had to drive him to school before coming into the office. It was my first cross-town rush-hour experience in this city, and I hope never to repeat it.

Normally, our commute from our home in Casco Viejo to our office in Panama City’s banking district is an easy-enough 15-minute drive along avenida Balboa. Today it was an hour-and-a-half ordeal of honking horns and agonizing drive-time small talk.

Bumper-to-bumper with the other early-morning commuters, we inched along the streets of this city testing the limits of its infrastructure more and more with every passing month. Panama City’s property market has settled, sure, but this remains a boom town, pushing aggressively ahead with its growth agenda. More business being conducted, more business people coming and going, and more cars on the road all the time.

All well and good for Panama. I just need to make sure Jackson gets to the bus on time from now on…

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