Kathleen Peddicord and Panama

“Kathleen, it’s all your fault. Virtually every time I ask an expat in Panama what brought him here, the answer is, ‘Kathleen Peddicord.’ You and your publications have changed the lives of so many people. Most of us have never met you, but I suspect most of us would like to meet the lady who knows the power of the pen and how to use the Internet.

“You are/were the name that we all remember and have to thank for those life-changing thoughts of encouragement over the years. You are the true dream-builder. Some of us still keep going back and forth, and some have settled permanently in Panama and elsewhere. Several we know from Panama have recently followed the scent to Uruguay. We are anxious to hear the reports.

“My purpose in sending this note would be to encourage you and your new Live and Invest Overseas enterprise to consider sponsoring an event of some kind, perhaps during the Christmas season, so we could all get together and meet that lady behind the pen and each other.

“Use it as a fundraiser, as we all know there is no shortage of causes in Panama.

“Just my thoughts as I read your recent post re: Paris/Panama.”

— Bill S., Panama

Thank you for taking time to write and for your kind words of support. They’re much appreciated.

As is your suggestion, which is now on our to-do list. We’ll plan a special holiday event for December. We’ll invite any readers who happen to be in Panama to join us…we’ll put out a call to all Panama expats…and, yes, we’ll make it a fundraiser, for our adopted Panama cause, San Felipe Parish in Casco Viejo. I’ll look forward to meeting you there.

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