Panama Red Wins Gold At Miami

“Kathleen, your reply to Mark W. about fresh produce in Southeast Asia was off some. Apples are a cold-weather fruit and must be imported. However, carrots and lettuce grow quite well here. Mark might be able to swap mangos for the apples.”

–Frank B., Malaysia


“Kathleen, tell your mother that I picked up and moved to the Lake Chapala area of Mexico last year, where I knew no one at all…and I am 83!

“Good luck.”

–Ramona B., Mexico


“Kathleen, Panama Red won the Gold at the Miami Rum Renaissance last week! Thought you and all my fellow readers would want to know.”

–Jim W., United States


“Kathleen, my husband and I are now in Panama City and just find it amazing. Yes, it’s no different in many ways from Kissimmee, Florida, or Charlotte, North Carolina, our two most recent U.S. addresses, dollar-wise, but there is an energy, a vitality, and a hopefulness here that is, alas, missing in the United States these days.

“We are hoping to join you at the RIU in July for your next Live and Invest in Panama Conference, as we will be here until August, at least on this trip.

“Just saying we love it here and are hoping to continue our Spanish education over the next few months!”

–Phyllis D., Panama

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