Panama Vs. Belize-Where Are The Men?

“Kathleen, I have been debating between your Panama Circle and your Belize Circle. I want to make a move overseas, and I know that I need a lot of help. But before I join, can you answer a general question. I am a single female who is retiring early. Do more single males invest and/or live in Panama or Belize? Or is this really something that single women do, too?”

–Cheryl S., United States

Probably more single males make the move than single females, but many, many of your single female fellows have done this…and you can, too. Belize and Panama could both be great choices for a woman on her own. Ambergris Caye and Coronado, for example, are home to well-established communities of foreign retirees who would welcome you among them.

You might also consider Cuenca, Ecuador. If you’re not set on Latin America, I’d also suggest France. These are all very single female-friendly destinations.

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