Panama’s Garbage And Litter Problem

“Kathleen, just a quick note to tell you that our family is moving from Heredia, Costa Rica, to Panama in the next 60 to 90 days. The benefits of Panama are just too good, and they fit our lifestyle much better than Costa Rica. We can’t wait to get over to the Boquete area! I know you love Panama, too.

“If you ever need anything from me as an expat, speaker, promoter, etc., please just let me know.”

–Daniel D., Costa Rica

“Kathleen, my wife and I recently received our pensionado visas in Panama. I am impressed with the country and the people. I feel it is the land of opportunity for investment. But here is my one criticism. The country is littered with trash. People throw their trash out of the car windows. I’m not talking about snips of paper. I’m talking about huge bags full of stinky, nasty trash. It’s disgusting. I would propose a three-pronged solution.

“Businesses need to step up and take responsibility to clean up a given stretch of roadway, as is done in the United States.

“The government needs to step up and provide adequate receptacles to give the people an opportunity to dispose of waste in an orderly fashion.

“Finally, the government needs to begin a massive campaign to change the people’s habits. Penalties would be appropriate.

“Panama will never look like a first-rate country until it cleans itself up.

“Perhaps, with your influence and readership, you could be the one who gets this going. If you do, someday they will name streets and towns after you.”

–Richard D., Panama

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