Panapass And Farmers Markets In Panama

“Kathleen, first, I love your Panama Letter newsletter and usually print it. Unfortunately, you are using a non-standard font and the PDF files do not appear to have the typographic versions embedded in them, so all the good things are coming out on my printer as empty rectangles!

“Second, I do come to Panama and love to find out about places to go and see. I generally rent a car, so I have one of those prepaid cards for the Corredor Sur to handle the tolls. Is the new Panapass replacing those? Since it seems to be permanently affixed to the cars, how are the rental companies handling this?

“Last, one thing that I enjoy, and I think others would, would be something on the farmers markets, especially those outside of Panama City. The one in El Valle is, of course, always there, but it is also more commercial these days. Boquete’s is well established as well. I did run into a market in Santiago by accident on one trip and had a great time. I would think some discussion about the location and times of the markets in some of the beaches areas would be good, both for people from Panama City who drive out and for people like me who are only down for two or three weeks at a time at this point.”

–Brian J., United States

Thank you for the feedback regarding format. Our production team is investigating.

Regarding Panama’s Panapass, some rentals come with it but not all. If you’ll need Panapass (that is, if you’ll be traveling from the city to the airport, for example), ask your rental agency for a car with the pass affixed to the windshield. The passes are registered and continually topped up by the rental dealers that offer them. When you return the car, you’ll be charged for any Panapass fees you have incurred. Typically, you’ll pay the toll plus a convenience charge (of, say, 20%).

Finally, we agree. Panama’s farmers and artisan markets are a great way both to shop in this country and also to become better connected with the local community. Our current issue features a best-of markets in Panama overview. Subscribers should have this issue in their in-boxes now. If you’re not yet a subscriber but are interested in learning more about Panama, you can get on board here now.

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