Part-Time Retirement In Cuenca, Ecuador, And Medellin, Colombia

“Kathleen, I have been a fan of yours for years, reading you as I’ve moved from Panama to Paraguay to Colombia and back to Panama. My six years with Peace Corps has been the best. I complete almost two years in the south of the Darién peninsula with the Emberá tribe. Now I plan to be one of your new neighbor expats in Chitré. Thank you for a very friendly and professional newsletter. You are my favorite.”

–Bob F., Panama

Welcome back home.

“Kathleen, I just want you to know how much I always enjoy Lee Harrison’s thorough, objective information and comparisons. What he shared recently about Cuenca and Medellin was perfect. In fact, for us, it is apples and oranges. We love both Cuenca and Medellin so much that we are making both places our ‘home.’ We plan to go back and forth between the two, because they really cannot be pitted against each other and both have so much to offer. We intend to have the best of both worlds. We just need to find a more direct and shorter flight itinerary between the two cities!

The conference in Medellin this year was (again) fantastic. LIOS is the best. Thanks and keep it coming.”

–Andrea M., Ecuador and Colombia

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